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Children's Health

“As  First Lady of Arkansas, I care deeply about the well-being of the children of our State.  They are our future and our greatest responsibility.  We must teach them how to lead healthy, productive lives, and encourage nutritious habits at home and at school.”

First Lady Ginger Beebe

As Honorary Chair of the Natural Wonders Partnership Council, Mrs. Beebe works to address children’s health issues around the State.  The Natural Wonders Partnership Council was created in 2006 and is made up of community partners and the leadership of Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  Its purpose is to discuss the continuing problems of poor socio-economic and health outcomes for children.  The Natural Wonders Partnership has resulted in the creation of many new services for children.  One is the Ronald McDonald/ Delta Dental “Care Mobile”, which provides dental treatments to children across Arkansas.

The First Lady is currently working with several entities to develop an approach to combat childhood obesity in Arkansas.  She hopes to work with schools and parents to provide healthier menu options in cafeterias across the State and encourage children to make healthy food choices.  Parents can establish healthy habits at home by making sure their children have adequate physical activity and are fed nutritious meals.  To see some of Mrs. Beebe’s favorite health options and recipes click here.

In addition, the First Lady seeks to lessen the number of school absences each year by promoting hand hygiene.  Hand hygiene is a simple way to prevent infection, and Mrs. Beebe hopes to instill this healthy habit among children and adults alike.


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